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Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton/Hemp Produce Bags – 4 Small Food Bags


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Product Description

Making green living easy (and affordable!), goodkarma produce bags are here for all your shopping needs. This set of four small reusable food bags are the perfect supplement to your reusable cloth shopping bags. They close with an organic cotton drawstring and are sustainably handmade with a lightweight hemp/organic cotton blend. This is a strong fabric with a wonderful texture that just gets softer and softer. They sport a frayed-edge goodkarma label on the front that is stamped with non-toxic ink using a hand-carved stamp.

They work excellent in place of the standard plastic produce bags you find in your store, as well as for buying bulk goods. Fill them up with dried beans, nuts, coffee beans, grains, sugar, loose tea and numerous other goodies. They work great for storing home-grown produce or things bought at the farmers market. Just dampen the bag, fill it with greens or herbs, toss it in the fridge, and your leafy greens will stay fresh longer.

The bags can be machine washed and dried along with your regular laundry, and they love hanging out on your clothesline.

This set includes:

FOUR small bags that measures about 9 X 7 inches (23 X 17.8 cm)

Additional Information

Weight 5 oz