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Upcycled Wool Mason Jar Cozy – Pint Sized Bee with Pink Frills


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Product Description

Everything tastes better out of a Mason jar. You don’t have to be a certified hipster, hillbilly, or hippie to use Mason jars as drinking glasses either. They are a frugal, sustainable, easy-to-find option for all your drinking needs.

What about hot beverage like coffee and tea though? A naked glass jar can be too hot to hold onto. These wool mason jar cozies solve that problem while also keeping your drink hotter longer. And they’ll keep your cold drinks cold too! All while preventing your jar from sweating on your table. They also offer some padding to protect your jar so you can feel a little more comfortable with replacing your plastic water bottle with a Mason jar when you’re out and about.

This one-of-a-kind pint jar cozy is made from an upcycled dark¬†green wool sweater and is lined with a hand-dyed blue¬†hemp/organic cotton knit jersey. It has a fabric bottom so your jar won’t slip through, and it works on both wide- and regular-mouth jars. The front sports a bee stamped on hemp/organic cotton outlined in a frilly fuchsia border. The jar is not included.

Whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, smoothies, or moonshine, these goodkarma Mason jar cozies are sure to make the experience even better.

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Weight 3 oz